National Geographic Endeavour Tuesday Menus

Tuesday Galapagos cruise dining

The Lindblad National Geographic Endeavour’s Ecuadorian lunch buffet is perhaps the most colorful and flavorful of all the buffets. If you want to photograph it, be first in line. And shoot quickly. Many of the first for lunch lunch crowd are ready for a feeding frenzy.  (The dinner crowd is more mellow.)

One of lunch items, mote pillo, is unusual. Mote is the Ecuadorian word for hominy, made from white corn kernels. Hominy is a staple throughout the Andes. Mote pillo by itself can be served for breakfast. At lunch it becomes a side dish.

   Roast suckling pig  Wahoo covered with coconut sauce
Roast suckling pig; steamed wahoo in coconut sauce.

 Roast suckling pig is a common offering in Ecuador’s highlands. The crackling, (the crisp and tasty roasted skin) is highly prized by Ecuadorians and tourists. It is one of the first things to disappear. Oh, so good!

Wahoo is a hard-fighting fish that every serious salt water angler wants to find and then dine on. Today is wahoo day, served at both lunch and dinner. Do it! The Endeavour chefs do a fine job.

 Lindblad National Geographic Endeavour Tuesday Lunch Menu

Lindblad National Geographic Endeavour Tuesday Dinner Menu

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