Orlando Essential Travel Guide App Updates To Debut


So many things happen so quickly between revisions of the Orlando *Essential* Guide that in order to get info out to you  faster when something new happens, it will be posted here on my blog site. This will happen on a weekly basis, not a daily one, because this app is not my life (most 0f the time).  iPhone Screenshot 1

As this is written , Version 1.8 of the Orlando *Essential* Guide is at Apple. With updates and new entries, it contains 25 percent new material, 242 total; entries and photos now number over 2,100.  Because of the amount of work involved, the app is increasing from $2.99 to $3.99 to match what already has been charged by some other Sutro apps since the beginning of the year.  If you already own the app, you won’t notice the price change because your update is free.

This is the first price increase ever for this app.  Moreover, Essential Orlando also is the first Sutro app to provide scheduled content updates between revisions.

Orlando Updates should appear every Monday on this blog.  Since other articles may have appeared related to different travel destinations, under Categories on the right side of the page click on Orlando, FL . That will take you to the latest posting.

If you are not linking to the blog from the Essential Orlando app but decide to type in the name Travels with Tim O’Keefe, make sure you add “/” or you’ll end up elsewhere, on my website Guide To Caribbean Vacations. You’re certainly welcome to browse there but that’s not where you were headed.

BEST OF ALL It’s now easy to tell me what you want to see added in the next revision. With so little feedback, it’s hard for me to know for certain what you’re looking for that might not be covered. I’m making educated guesses based on what I want to know when I travel somewhere.  Meaningful comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

For instance, someone wrote asking if there were zip line locations in or near Orlando. I answered her and then in the new revision added a zip line category covering the four major zip line attractions, two new just this year. Most visitors probably don’t know about them yet.  You will because someone asked a question.

The massive addition of area beaches (3,300 words of beaches coverage, that’s massive for any category) resulted from a suggestion I received in the app’s comments section. Since Central Florida beaches are not close to the theme park area, beaches was a topic I was planning for down the road.  But someone asked for it and beaches from Flagler to Cocoa went into the March revision.

This blog should allow for more suggestions. If you have one, or if you found a new restaurant you want to tell others about, Leave A Reply at the bottom of a post.  Unlike Facebook and some other social media, this blog is open to everyone.  Tell a friend, and tell them about the app.

I can’t promise to answer personally more than a few questions a week and sometimes not even that. The main purpose of this page is to post Essential Orlando Travel Updates.

Hope you like the new feature! If you found this page early, look for the first update post next Monday, August 22.